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The difference between a hero living and dying often comes down to his choice of weapons. The latest release in Paizo's sensational GameMastery Item Cards line offers a complete choice of all the simple and martial weapons your character needs not only to survive his next fight, but to dominate it. A perfect way to get all the weapons most characters need without having to hunt them down over several sets, Item Cards: Weapons Locker has the blade or bludgeoning implement you've been dying to own!

GameMastery Item Cards allow heroes to keep track of their equipment in style, and the set is completely compatible with all of Paizo's other GameMastery Item Card sets. Each of these full-color cards features a beautiful portrait of an item on one side with space on the back to keep notes. GameMastery Item Cards are compatible with any fantasy roleplaying game.

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    Weapons Locker marks the 14th release in the popular GameMastery Item Card accessory series.

    The set includes every simple and martial weapon in the Pathfinder RPG game, making it an essential pick-up for players who wish to get a solid start on their Item Card collection or shore up one of the most frequently used card type.

    Because the useful cards contain no game rules, they are usable by players of a wide variety of gaming systems, including the fourth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game, live action roleplayers, and more.

    Gamers who use Item Cards in their games are always on the hunt for new items to supplement their growing collections. A focus on weapons makes this a must-own set for players of warrior characters and the Game Masters who battle against them.


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